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You can’t win with money if you don’t win with time.

Welcome to Cents of Time!  I believe time and money are both interchangeable and something everybody has and uses, but do not give either the attention it deserves. I hope to show the similarities between the two and how you can use both to reach your goals and live a better life.

I have found that when I was intentional with my time and my money, I was much happier and even more productive in my personal and professional life. In this blog, I will share many ideas and experiences that relate to thinking about and using money and time with purpose. I will share personal experiences, productivity habits that worked and did not work for me, thoughts on books and articles I have read, and much more.
I had these experiences when I set out on a journey for change. I personally have completely changed 3 areas of my life.
• Money (I didn’t like debt, but I still used it)
• Time (I was never on time or had any sense of perception of time)
• Health (I lost a 100 pounds in 2 years, gained 30 pounds back over 2                  years, then lost 40 pounds over 3 years).

These changes did not happen overnight and it was not always easy or fun to change habits that I have had for years. Although it was not always easy, I knew there was a different path that I wanted to take. I did not understand how we live in one of the wealthiest countries yet many people live paycheck to paycheck and feel like they do not have enough. I also did not understand why with the best productivity tools at our disposable we have ever had, we feel more overwhelmed.  Health will not be a main focus of Cents of Time (it is called Cents of Time for a reason!), but it will come up because it ties in very well with your money and time.

I’m starting this website journey because I want to hold myself accountable and learn from you. Yes, you! Just because I do something one way does not mean it is the best. I have constantly tweaked my systems and changed tactics to get where I am today. I have also found that while something works for me now, that may change as my priorities change. I know a lot, but I am no expert and have not perfected these things (another reason health is not the main topic of the blog!). This is my journey. A journey to being productive with my time, money and life. A journey I will always be on, but always enjoy as I learn to make “cents” out of time.

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