All Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Stopwatch Apps Reviewed

We already did a review of the top timer apps on the Samsung Gear App store which can be found here. It is only fitting to review all of the stopwatch applications in the store as well. There still is not that perfect app and there are less stopwatch apps than timer apps, but we did find some good ones depending on what your needs are. We also found a developer trying to take advantage of the system. If you see any apps from Pawel Malyszczuk, run!!! In total there are 21 total stopwatch apps with a total value of $25 before taxes. This is heavily skewed by Pawel Malyszczuk’s apps which you will see why in the review of those apps.

4StopWatch Widget .79- Just like the timer app, the stopwatch app is very similar in its look and function. It works as a widget and you can set 4 different stopwatches. It works exactly like it says and has a nice clean interface. We really like this app/widget and would highly recommend it.

Swim Stopwatch (Free)- The gear S3 can’t go in water so I’m not sure why there is an app made for swimming. Anyways it is a very basic stopwatch app that works, but it looks to be just a continuous timer. There is no lap option which seems like a key feature for any stopwatch app. There are much better options, pass.

Samsung Stopwatch (Free)- We want to like this app, we really do. However, no matter how nice it looks and works, keeping the screen on no matter what you do, even exiting the app, is a deal breaker for us. It significantly drains the battery especially if you are using the stopwatch for a long time. You could argue that keeping the stopwatch on screen is a good thing because it reminds you it is going, but we don’t believe the trade off is worth it. Besides that though, it is a great app.

Mystopwatch ($1.99)- Now this is what we are talking about! We always thought that with Smartwatches we would have high end stopwatche and timer apps that would give you advanced features and ease of use. Or if anything matched what was already in regular watches. This app resembles a digital watch face and we love the interface. This is a simple stopwatch with advanced features (although can a stopwatch really be complicated?). One really awesome feature is not only can you easily see your laps, you can see starts for the min, max, and average laps. THIS IS SO HELPFUL! The app is clean and easy to navigate. It will run in the background and not come back. There is sounds if you want or you can turn it them off altogether. It is $2, but this is money well spent.

Double Stopwatch SF30 ($1)- For $1 I can definitely see the use in this app. It has a modern, but digital user face, it is easy to understand and operate, and does what the title says. You can use 2 stopwatches at once, but it also tells you the date, time, and battery life of the watch. It still runs in the background or it stays running with the screen on if you prefer. I really like how you can do both options and that it tells you the other information too. It’s like a watch face when you need a stopwatch or a reliable timer you can use in the background if you do not need to always see it. It this is what you are looking for, we think this is a solid stopwatch app.

Stopwatch Clock (Free)- We are not sure how to feel about this app. Just like the double Stopwatch app, this app has the date and time. The stopwatch is on the bottom of the screen. You can put it in lock mode, but it just stops the back button from going back. The time is in military time. One cool thing is you can rotate the app horizontal so if you were charging it and still wanted to use the stopwatch you could do that with this app. I think if this is what you are looking for and don’t want to spend any money, this is a clean, simple interface that works as advertised.

Stopwatch Lite (Free)- Soooo this is a timer app disguised as a stopwatch app that is also very similar to another timer app that may be from the same developer. Reviewing this as a timer app it is terrible, because it offers no indication that the timer actually ended. No matter how you view this app avoid it at all cost.

Basic Stopwatch (Free)- When this says basic this app is not kidding. There are no buttons or options to speak of. It is a black screen with the stopwatch. That’s it. There are no instructions. We could not figure out how to reset the stopwatch. Well, we actually did but on accident. We think this is too basic even if it is free.

USW Stopwatch ($4)- You know the saying, you get what you pay for? Well sometimes that is true, other times it isn’t. When it comes to USW stopwatch, it really does live up to that statement as it is a near flawless stopwatch and timer application. The user interface is very clean and easy to follow. It uses the bezels for almost all time setting instances which still boggles our mind that other applications do not do this. This is the best all in one app that even has a widget as well. The coolest thing about this app is the ability to set work/rest cycles that tell you what the total time will take for all of those cycles and then count down the actual amount remaining. This is by far the best stopwatch and timer app for the Gear S3.

Sport Stopwatch 2.0 (.79)- This is a weird app in terms of the naming. So it is called Sport Stopwatch 2.0, however on the watch it is listed as Cronometro. What?!?! This is an extremely basic stopwatch app that is a very basic stopwatch. The design is okay and it is simple to understand and use. For .79 cents though there are better free and paid options. Pass.

Gear Stopwatch (.99)- We really, really, really, want to like this app. Having a stopwatch and timer in the same app is what more apps should do because they really go hand in hand. It’s nice to be able to set a timer, but also the stopwatch to see if you go over in time, how much time. Or you can look at it as just having 2 apps in 1. 3 glaring problems hold this app back.

1. When the timer goes off, even if the stopwatch is going, it stops the stopwatch which defeats the purpose of having both and eliminates the option presented above. It seems you can only use one at a time or as soon as the timer goes off you will lose your progress on the stopwatch.

2. It must be hard to develop because why anyone would not want to use the bezel to adjust the time is beyond us. To put the numbers in for your timer there is a very tiny keypad. It is very hard to press the right number and mistakes happen frequently which makes it not a pleasant experience and not as fast as it would be.

3. If you don’t want any noise going off when the timer is done forgot about using this app! You can’t change it.

As a stopwatch it works and serves it’s purpose and if you look at it like that as a stopwatch app with a built in timer, maybe you could justify it. We are looking at the full potential though and this falls short.

Stopwatch Jordan Widget ($1.49)- Get used to this Jordan Widget..from the same developer… doing the same thing… at the same price. To be fair this is a little different than the others. It actually has the Jordan logo on it, it looks better, and as a very basic stopwatch works. No laps or any extra features to speak of. If you love the Jordan brand maybe you get this? Actually even Jordan would say no to this app.

Stopwatch Jordan Widget 2.0 ($1.49)- This is called a Jordan stopwatch because it has the numbers 23 at the top…really? This is a widget stopwatch not an app. It works, but is about the most simple stopwatch a stopwatch can be. It is a white background with black text, it is not a clean design, it does have laps, but that’s about it. For free or maybe 50 cents we could recommend it… On second thought this is terrible even if it works.

Stopwatch Round 3 Widget Jordan ($1.49)- We guess the third time is the charm for the Jordan widgets though, because this is actually worth the $1.49. It still has the Jordan logo if that is your thing, but it is a simple stopwatch widget that finally has a good clean design. The bezel is colored green and goes around as the stopwatch counts. It turns red when you stop the timer. There are 2 clocks in the widget, one for seconds and one for minutes. We are actually impressed that depending on your needs, we can finally recommend this widget.

Stopwatch Circle Widget ($1.49)- Another stopwatch app.. From the same developer… At the same price? Yep. Except this isn’t a Jordan labeled stopwatch. This is also just a stopwatch (aren’t they all circular?) widget app. It works, it has laps, it doesn’t look terrible, it doesn’t look great or even average, just very basic. At $1.49 this can not be recommend and even if it was free there are better free apps.

Stopwatch Simple Widget ($1.49)- This app again, by the same developer, but instead of having laps like the circle widget, this is even more simple because it has very large and colorful icons for off and on buttons. Basically this developer made as simple as possible a stopwatch app and repackaged it many different times changing very little things on it.

Stopwatch_1.0 ($1.49)- Did you think we were done with this developer yet? This app is actually designed a little differently and instead of the number 23 or the Jordan logo on top, now you have the inspirational message “Never Give Up”. No laps for this stopwatch, but you get milliseconds!

Stopwatch Round Widget ($1.49)-So this is the same widget as all of the other ones except this one has no Jordan logo, and no circle seconds and minutes clocks at the bottom. It is a simple stopwatch widget. It works, but again, what is the point?

Stopwatch Round 2 Widget ($1.49)-It works, but after that there is not much to say. When you click the stopwatch to start going the outside bezel turns green. There are 2 circular clocks in the middle that might be for seconds and minutes or something else we really don’t know because you can’t see it! Not worth it all.

Stopwatch Round 3 widget ($1.49)-It’s the same stopwatch widget as above except…wait for you can see those two circles at the bottom! They are there for seconds and time! You might ask “why would I need then when it tells you the same information above in a digital format?” Your guess is as good as ours.

We can’t believe we gave this developer $13.50 for basically the same apps repackaged with minor changes, but that is the whole point of doing this research so you don’t fall into this trap.

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