Samsung Gear S3 Stopwatch & Timer App Review- USW Stopwatch (A 3-1 Swiss Army Knife App)

We already have a review of all of the stopwatch and timer apps that are available for the Gear S3. We would argue that USW Stopwatch in particular is the Ultimate stopwatch and timer app for the Gear S3. It is also the most expensive by far at $3.99. This is everything we have ever wanted in a stopwatch and timer app and the biggest reason we wanted to purchase and use a smartwatch compared to a traditional watch. Let’s look at some of the reasons why we believe this is the best stopwatch and timer app on for the Gear S3.

The interface is very clean. This is the stopwatch interface. To add a lap you just click the top right button on the Gear S3. It will display the time for the most recent lap as well.

3 in 1 all in one app- You can use this app as a solid timer, you can use this app as a solid stopwatch, and you can use this app as a work/rest interval timer. There might be a few standalone stopwatch apps that are as good as USWs is, but this is more than adequate for most people and the fact that you get such a polished and user friendly design makes USW hard to beat.

You can swipe to the left to see a list of all your laps and times

The BEST work/rest timer- There are a lot of apps that try to do this and a lot of them are geared toward working out. The problem with this is that most of the intervals are in seconds or minutes. We like to set timers for longer periods of time sort of like the pomodoro method. USW is super easy to set up, you can have a noise alert when a cycle is done or just a vibration. It is very clear how long each session and break are plus it tells you what the total time is. For example, if you have 4 sessions of 20 minutes work and 5 minutes rest, the app does the math for you and says that it will be 1 hour and 40 minutes. Using this if you have a 2 hour block lets say, you may want to add one session since it would only be 5 minutes over. Basically, judging by how much time you have, you can use the app to decide how long you want your cycles to be versus just guessing. You would think this would be an easy thing to do and other apps would copy this, but going from Pebble, to Android Wear, to Samsung, this is the first app we have found that works like this and is simple to use.

This is the cleanest, most user-friendly interval watch interface we have interacted with. Simply tap on the section you want, it will light up blue, and then you use the bezel to select your time. Everything you could need is right here.

You can change the display settings- One of the biggest annoyances with stopwatch/timer apps is that you can not choose whether you want the app to stay open to show you the time remaining/elapsed or if you want to have it closed. We personally like to have the app closed as we don’t really need to see the time remaining if we are doing a timer and if we are doing a stopwatch we probably are doing it for a long time which means it will leave the screen on and kill the battery. If the battery life was better on the Gear S3, we would always leave the screen on for these things! The fact that you have a choice with USW puts it ahead of other apps. It has many other settings to customize as well.

This is what the work/rest Interval timer looks like after you have selected your times and round. You can clearly see how many rounds there, the total time, and at the bottom left how much time remaining for your work and rest section.

It is designed to work with the Gear S3- You might be thinking hearing that, of course it is! What we really mean is the UI is so smooth and uses the bezel like it should to select the times, it makes it a joy to use the app. So many apps we tested did not utilize the bezel which to us does not make sense since that is one of the main selling features of the watch. This developer has smartly built and designed the watch to work like it should on the Gear S3.

The color changes to red when you are in a rest stage.

It gets updated- If you are going to pay for something that is expensive, you don’t want the support to just end. This developer has constantly provided updates to the app to make sure it continues to work and add new features.

We hope we laid out enough reasons to consider purchasing this app. We at Cents of Time are pretty practical and if you are going to wear a smartwatch on your wrist, you probably should care about timers and stopwatches. We also think if you want to manage your time better and become better at managing it, being aware of how much time something actually takes or how much time you actually spend on something is incredibly important to learn. Setting deadlines for yourself helps you focus and accomplish more as well. Using apps like USW stopwatch can help you realize these things and give you a realistic overview of how you are using and spending your time.

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