Train Your Brain. It is More Powerful Than You Think.

We all know how important exercise, eating a balanced diet, and getting a good night sleep are. Doctors call them the 3 pillars of good health. They all play a role in helping you be healthy and live a long life. While we agree on working on all three of these areas, we think there is another, more important area to work on. That is your mind. Your brain, whatever you want to call it. See sleep, exercise, and diet are all important, but they sometimes are hard to do if your mind is resisting them. If you can’t get motivated, your brain resists, or you are able to justify and reason not to do something, it will be very hard for you to reach your goals.

There is No More Powerful Muscle- You might be thinking “How am I supposed to work out or improve my mind? Isn’t it just there?” This is what most people are confused about and don’t understand. You can not really see the progress you are making mentally if you are improving, but trust us when we say that you definitely can. One of the best ways to train your mind is by making continuous learning apart of your everyday life. This could be a multitude of different things that you do, but you need to be improving your skills and forcing your mind to improve and adapt. If you keep your same skill set and never challenge your mind or seek new knowledge, you will get stuck in the past and get left behind as the world moves forward.

You need to work out your mind just like you work out your body.
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Readers are Leaders- Reading books is probably the easiest, most efficient way you can foster a life of continuous improvement. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be non-fiction although obviously that would be better. At Cents of Time we can pretty much say reading is the #1 reason we are were we are today. There are topics on everything and everything with books and there is no excuse to not find something that interests you or can improve your skills or knowledge. Even reading a book about a role model can help improve your mind because now you have a framework or idea to start modeling or changing your life. Audible, YouTube, and podcasts are all other great resources to learn and improve your mind. 

You Are What You Consume- This was something that you may have been told in your life, but either didn’t believe or just dismissed it. We are here to tell you that if you want to improve and train your mind, what you consume will play a direct impact on your ability to reach your goals. Just like if you put junk food in your body, you shouldn’t expect to have a six pack. If you feed your mind things that say you are not good enough, others are better, what is the point, only read about failures and not successes, stick with the same tried and true things you have always done, you will have a hard time reaching your goals. You can keep going on with examples, but hopefully the point is clear that you can trick your mind into what you believe for both good and bad. We would especially say in the media you consume and the people you talk to play the biggest role in shaping how successful you will be and how you can change and train your mind. If you are watching depressing things on the news, browsing social media and longing after things others have, or taking to people that are generally negative or mean, there is no way that those things will not rub off on you. If you want to make positive changes or get closer to your goals, find ways and things that will help you get there! 

If you always put in your body, greasy, unhealthy foods, would you be surprised if you struggled with your health? That some logic should be applied to what we consume for our mental health.
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There is more we could cover on this subject, but the main point we want to drive home is your mind is like a muscle that needs to be worked out and given the right nutrients to function probably and get stronger. We talk about working out, eating a balanced diet, and if you are in school increasing your knowledge. However if you are out of school there is no reason to stop learning and challenging yourself. Your mind affects everything you do and if it is not functioning up to its peak level, you need to do everything you can to “work it out”. These days it is easier than ever to find knowledge on any subject and in most cases is free. There is a reason the library is still around and always has been. We have just made the library more accessible and better material available more cheaply and in more ways. So go pick up a book, start noticing your thoughts and reactions throughout the day, look at your habits, and from those areas keep the ones you think are positive and if you are not happy with something work to change it.

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