Samsung Galaxy Gear Store Timer Apps Reviewed in 2018 Updated for 2020

One of our most popular posts is when we reviewed all of the timer apps in the Galaxy Gear Store. When we did that article back in late 2018, it was feasible to buy and test all of them. Now, not so much. There is a lot of new timer apps to choose from! This article is just going to focus on the apps we reviewed before. We will be posting some other articles regarding new timer apps very soon. In the meantime this is a great start as many of them still hold up and some are still daily drivers for us.

Samsung Timer (Free)- This is official timer app from Samsung and it has been greatly improved since we last reviewed it! There are four timers now, the screen does not need to stay on and it tells you how long over the timer is. It also on the watch face shows a timer notification at the bottom and if you click that it will take you directly to the timer. Not bad by any means, but still very limited in terms of options/customization. For example all you get is a vibrating option, no sound at all.

Multi-Timer widget ($1.50)- Nothing really new to report here. If there are set activities you have during the day and you need to stay on time with them, this app can work for you. It really depends on what you are looking for. I still use this for work even 2 years later as when you have it set up right and have the same time repeating activity, it is quick and easy to use. We gave feedback before saying it was not always accurate about stopping at the set time. This seems to be fixed now.

4Timer widget ($.79)- Was great before and even better now! Updated and fixed the shortcomings it had before. You can now choose to have vibration or no vibration, you can pick from 12 different sounds, you can set repeat timers up, and you can save timers and even name them now! This is an awesome widget app for quick timers with some degree of customization. This widget was not used for awhile, but after the updates, it is now used daily.

Workout Interval Timer ($.99)- Still does what it is supposed to and offers a countdown to start, sound, vibration each time 3 2 1, vibrate halfway. There are more workout/activity apps now and we think there are better options, but this app is simple and does do what it sets out to do.

Timerro ($1.99)- This app does is not terrible anymore! The user interface is still a little wonky and it is a little confusing to use, but you can get to the menu now and change the settings to turn off the awful buzzer sound when a timer starts and stops. What a concept! There is a lot of room for customization of timers in this app. We can not seem to find a way to delete sections or created timers. HIIT, My Timers, Productivity, and Workouts are the default options and are just stuck there. Better, but still not worth it.

Simple Timer (Free)- It is still so simple that it doesn’t make sense and is useless. There are so many better apps either for free or for $1 more. No options or anything to change or instructions. We exited the app twice before figuring out how to start and stop the timer. It doesn’t even beep or vibrate when it is done! Skip.

Timer 3.0 (.79)- Nothings changed here. Still in Spanish. Still not a timer. 

Exercise Timer ($.98)- You could like this app, although it is very hard. The webpage description makes it seem very compelling. It works and does have a lot of customization options, but you really have to work and get through a UI that in our opinion, is not that user friendly and there are other apps that are better. You could do worse, and we could see some liking this app for what it does especially if you have the need for different activities that require multiple timers. For everyone else keep looking. 

CATabata (Free)- This app is very basic and you can not change any settings so if you don’t like the beeps when you are down to 3 2 1 then that will annoy you. Other than that as an exercise timer it works and its free. 

Cooking Timer- Not available on the app store anymore. What a shame as this was one of our favorite apps. Technically you can use almost any timer app for cooking, but this one had a great interface and was designed for stove and oven timers. We will be reviewing a few new ones that have since been released in the app store soon.

Times Up ($.79)- Cool interface, but no settings, inverted controls make this very limited. It does work though, but again there are better options. 

Archer Timer (Free)- We are still not sure the purpose of this app. If you are into Archery please tell us if it is good or bad. 

Music Timer ($.98) – Can not really test this app since we never play music from our watch. Not really sure how many people really want or need this feature either.

Toothbrush Timer ($.99)- Same toothbrush timer as before. If you need a dedicated app to help you brush better this is it! 99% of us could just set a timer. It also vibrates every 15 seconds. That makes us want to stop sooner and not keep brushing. It does have a picture of the toothbrush and it does work so if there is a need for this kind of app, it could work.

PGW Alarm ($.99)- Seems to be off the app store now. Disappointing as this is an app that has GREATLY improved since we last reviewed it. It was so bad and confusing before we said avoid. Now we would say proceed at your own risk. Not only is there a new icon for it, but the analog clock is actually a nice touch, because when you go to set a timer it shows you how much in green that timer will take up in minutes. We still would say it is not the smoothest, but you can repeat the timer, turn on or off the sound for a vibration, and it adds a cool visual touch. If it ever comes back to the app store it is worth checking out.

PerfectEgg ($1.15)- We do not claim to be chefs, but this app is pretty detailed for what it does. It asks you first what size is your egg and gives you 4 sizes, then it asks you for your level of doneness which again gives you 4 options to choose from and lastly you choose the temperature of the egg. Either from the refrigerator or room temperature. You can also set the individual temperature. Knowing nothing about cooking eggs, the set up in this app is easy to follow and very detailed. 

Sweat ($3.49)- We were not overly harsh with our review of this app before, but for the price we wanted more. Looking at other interval timers and seeing the improvements in this app, we are actually pretty pleased with it now. You can not use this for productivity as the increments start in seconds and only go up or down 5 seconds. Setting it up is straightforward and when you are in an interval it makes the background red and when you are resting turns it green. You can not see how many intervals left once you are in which is annoying, but it is not slow, has some options to change, and works like it is supposed to. Put it like this, you could do much worse. The settings let you turn off the color if you don’t like that feature and you can turn off the sound or vibrations. You can also have the screen rotate for planks and cycling, a nice little touch. 

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  1. I have been thinking about getting a smartwatch. You can do so much with them.
    The choices are sometimes overwhelming. This is just the timers available.

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