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To be productive and save time you have to have the right tools. Some tools come and go, some tools last a long time, and others evolve. Evernote has done all these things for us except go away. Almost 10 years later and Evernote is still one of the top tools that we use. How it has been used has changed over time, but we believe Evernote is a tool everyone can use. We will walk through some of the ways we use Evernote, but also how you can too. First, though, let’s start with how we even discovered Evernote.

Best Bloatware Ever- I got my first smartphone in 2011. Now, normally when you get a new smartphone or computer there is something on it called bloatware. Basically, it is pre-installed software that is paid for to be put on there for you to try. Most people, myself included, generally do not like bloatware or any preinstalled apps that are not necessary. Evernote was and is the biggest exception to this rule. I remember reading the description for it and thinking, this is pretty cool, and then started occasionally using it. 

For Work or Personal or Both?- After discovering Evernote in 2011 it was not until 2012 that my usage of it really took off. I had just got a new job and needed to remember the names of people, visits completed, and information about each account I had. I started using Evernote and until 2019 used Evernote mostly for work in roughly the same capacity. While this setup worked, I realized I was not putting in personal information as much. I was doing this to not take away from my work notes and make those easier to find. I was selling my usage of Evernote short personally because I did not or would not take the time to figure out how to organize work and personal. When our company started to switch over to more Microsoft products, I thought it might be a good time to try OneNote. Now, this is a conversation for a different article, but while OneNote is where all my work material is, I still prefer Evernote and since switching over, feel like I have finally “figured out” Evernote.

One Place For All Your Information- Using Evernote for work made me resistant to use it for personal, but the main point of Evernote and what I finally realized was this- Evernote is one place to put all of your information. While your workflow and tools may vary, Evernote is so versatile that nearly everything you could think of storing, you can put and retrieve from the system. I put EVERYTHING personal into Evernote now. This gives me such peace of mind knowing I can use Evernote’s powerful search function to find anything I am looking for. 

Evernote can be your one place where all of your information goes. We have so many places these days to put information that the more systems we have in place, the harder it is to find and trust that information.

Trusted System- How can Evernote give peace of mind and relieve stress? Because it is a trusted system. I did not trust Evernote before because there was too much information in there and I did not know how to organize it all. Now that it is only personal and much better organized, I am very confident I can find what I am looking for. There are countless ways to organize Evernote and most of them have to do with folders and tags which we will talk about later. One of the best parts of the Evernote system is to store reference material. The kinds of things you don’t have a need for now, but may need later down the road, Evernote has you covered for storing it and being able to easily recover it. 

Clip & Scan- Two incredible features of Evernote are the web clipper and the scanning software (there is an app for iPad called Scannable which is really good as well and offers a few more features than the regular Evernote app). With these two tools again going back to the phrase of capturing everything, you can clip web pages in many different forms (bookmark, article, a certain part of the article etc…) and this makes using the web as a resource even easier because of the web clipper. In terms of scanning, the software is really good to take any document or manual and turn it in a digital copy. 

The versatility of the Evernote web clipper is amazing. There is so much you can do with it, but it is very simple and intuitive to use. The page scanning software is great too and words that are scanned on the page are even searchable in Evernote!

Summary- We could keep going on about all of the features in Evernote. We use it for Cents of Time as well. It is our most trusted system and we almost like it better than a traditional file management system. In the future, we will be posting other articles showing how we use Evernote and some different tips and tricks. At the end of the day though we would leave you with two things regarding productivity that Evernote can address for you. 

  1. You need to have a trusted system to capture all of your information- This could definitely be Evernote, but someplace where you know you can go to find your information is essential for saving you time. Evernote is great because of its ease and availability on any device.
  2. Writing down information from your mind is a powerful skill that will only benefit you in life- Evernote makes it easy to just starting writing and storing that this allows you to free up your mind and mental space for more creative and important things.

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  1. It looks like my first note was in 1/15/2014 and I have been using Evernote since. I use it almost daily now to retrieve quotes, sayings and book notes. I use the scan feature to store important documents to reduce my paper files.
    The search feature is amazing. It is the trusted system that I put 99% of my information in.
    I only use it for personal because it is blocked by my employer on their network and computers.

    An idea for a follow up article is how to back up your data to a physical computer.


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