The Tools in Your Toolbelt- Can a $500+ Vacuum Give You Back Time and Money?

We are sure you have heard the expression just another tool in your tool belt. Have you ever thought about what that actually means though? In that kind of expression, it is more of a thought or something you just learned. It could be a physical thing too, but we would argue almost everything in your life can be thought of like a tool and should be thought of in ways it can be improved on and what is its purpose. Now obviously if you look at everything and question its purpose you will probably drive yourself crazy. You should focus on the things that you do most often and maybe you have never questioned before. There are both time and money reasons to do this.

Personal Example- All of our situations are different, but one of the best examples personally for us of wasting time and energy before was vacuuming. Yes, vacuuming. We have two young boys and our vacuum was old and not easy to use. I pretty much did all the vacuuming and it was always a pain to do. It was very heavy for my Wife to use and therefore she did not like to do it as well. So we both did not enjoy doing it, it took a long time, and our kids still made messes. 

I started to think of how much time and energy it was taking and started to look up other options. We ended up going with a Dyson V10 stick vacuum. Now, these are not the cheapest vacuums by any stretch and there were other brands to choose from. Some people might look at this purchase and say “How could anyone spend that much money on a vacuum!?” And in their situation, they could be right. Maybe the people living in the house have good cleaning habits and they only need to vacuum occasionally. With 2 young boys, that was not the case for us. 

Dyson is the Apple of vacuums and there are other more affordable options available, but we have had a great experience with our V10 model.

The Dyson V10 stick vacuum changed everything. Vacuuming was much easier and faster which made cleaning easier and faster. It saved us so much time and energy. For us adding this tool was a good investment because the return on it saved us time and energy that we could better use for other things. Even though it cost a lot if it saves us 2 minutes a day on average over the course of a month that is 7 hours. Let’s just say your time is worth $30 an hour (we have an article about how important it is to know the cost of your time) so in one month we just got back 7 hours and $210. In just a few months, the Dyson will have already paid for itself. Yes, it was expensive, but it made sense in our situation. 

Look for these kinds of situations and tools in your life. When you think of buying or doing something, think, will this save me time, money, or energy? If you can get back even just one of these, you will see an impact not only in that area but others too. This is another reason why it is hard to judge someone on what they spend their money (or time) on. Sure some purchases can be looked at as maybe not the best decision, but if more people framed their purchase or time investments using the framework of what it can save or make more of, we will all be in a much better place with what we are doing with our time and where we are spending our money.

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  1. I like the idea of using tools to gain time for other more important activities. It reminds me of a quote a saw a couple months ago.

    Invest the best hours of your day on the biggest opportunity, not the biggest problem. ~Shane Parrish, Fs.blog

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