The Power of Resetting Your Devices

We will want new things right? In the case of electronics, new devices are faster, have innovations, better cameras, longer-lasting batteries, the list could go on and on. The problem with buying new devices is that they cost money and take time to set up even if you are just transferring over your information and apps. Plus you have to spend time learning all of the new features of your device as well. What if you could replicate that same feeling of buying a new device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer) without buying anything? We hope to show you how factory resetting your device can give you that same feeling and extend the life of your device!   

What is Most Important?- Honestly while it is not the most fun reason to reset a device, asking yourself what do you really use and need it for is a great question to ask yourself when you start your reset. It also forces you to make sure things are backed up and synced. We are all probably guilty of installing an app for one reason or another and then never using it again. Resetting your device, just like getting a new one, allows you to see what your habits are with the device and change them if needed.   

The Need For Speed- One of the biggest complaints or reasons for wanting a new device is that your current one is not fast enough. While not every device can be saved from this (especially older ones), most devices that are reset will receive an instant speed boost. Why is this? All of that junk that was clogging up your device is now gone. Even if you choose to bring almost everything back, it will still feel like a new device and you will appreciate how quickly everything goes now compared to what it was before.   

Nobody likes their devices to go slow and this is one of the biggest reasons for upgrading.
Photo by Florian Steciuk on Unsplash

That Does Not Look The Same!?- So after you have factory reset your device, you will probably be prompted to transfer all of your old apps and data. For certain things, this will make sense, BUT we might pause and carefully look at what we are really transferring over. Where placements of apps are on the screen, what apps are you still using? In our opinion, this should be the most time-consuming and tedious step but also the most beneficial. Doing this truly makes your device feel new again because you are using it differently than before.

Old Phone…New Case-  This is a very basic suggestion but one that goes along. Assuming you put a case on your phone or tablet (kudos to those that brave it out with no case!), if you bought a new phone/tablet you would buy a new case, right? Maybe instead of buying a new device just upgrading or improving the case you have will not only make the phone look different but feel different as well. A new case shouldn’t cost more than $20 which seems like a much better deal than spending $500-$1,000 on a new phone and case.   

As much as we may or may not want to admit it, phone/tablet cases are a sense of style and fashion. Just like you change your wardrobe, changing your case every now then will make it feel new especially if you never change your case.
Photo by Jeremy Beadle on Unsplash

Summary- There are 4 reasons we believe you can turn your current device into feeling like you upgraded and got a new one. It is almost like giving you the process of getting a new device without actually getting one. Doing all these steps may make you realize too that getting new things sometimes really is not worth the money and time we put into it. If you do all of these things though and still do not like your old device, then you should have a much clearer picture and idea of what you DO need your new device to have.

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  1. This is a great idea and much less expensive than buying a new cell phone.
    I like that it is about also taking a look at personal habits too.

    You can live on old habits for a while, but the future depends on investing in finding and building some new ones with (and for) your customers. Or your family. Or yourself. ~Seth Godin

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